Handcrafted Leather Goods Since 1966

Allan has been doing leather work since 1966, and is a highly recognized leather artisan among his peers.  He is well-skilled in all aspects of leather work, but is best-known for his original and imaginative stamping patterns.  His work has regularly placed well in competitions held by the International Federation of Leather Guilds (IFoLG) over the last decade.

He is a member of numerous organizations and leather craft guilds, including:
• Buckeye Leathercrafters of Central Ohio
• Leatherworker.net
• International Internet Leathercrafters' Guild

Allan is a respected and sought-after leatherwork instructor. He has authored articles for the Leather Crafters and Saddlers Journal, and is a six-time winner of the Tandy Leather Doodle Page competition.  He had conducted classes at the annual IFoLG convention, and is an experienced Scout Merit Badge Counselor.  He serves as president of the Buckeye Leathercrafters of Central Ohio, one of the oldest and most respected leather guilds in the USA.
Jim Linnell, who was the Director of Operations of Tandy Leather Factory, and a well-known leather craftsman, recently commented:
"I have seen and admired the leatherwork of Allan Schediderer for many years.  Allan has always been willing to share his unique talent by teaching and demonstrating his leather stamping techniques.  He has also had his work featured several times on the Doodle Page of the Month sheets, published by Tandy Leather Company.  I have told many aspiring leatherworkers that if they want to learn how to create beautiful stamped designs, there is not a better teacher than Allan Scheiderer.  He has a quiet, assuring manner that inspires students to create beautiful leathercraft projects."
In a feature written about Allan by Ryan Horns of the Marysville Journal-Tribune on September 11, 2009, wrote:

Scheiderer has been creating intricate [stamped patterns] on leather ever since he picked up the craft as a boy in high school.  He said his father also had an interest in the craft and gave him a leathercraft kit to get started.

"Once it is in your blood it is hard to give up," he said.  "I just really have been at it ever since.  I took some home study course and also learned under other people."

His passion for the art eventually carried on past retirement age, to the conception of his own business called "Al's Leather Craft".